org.jhove2.config.spring.SpringConfigInfo must make CLASSPATH for Spring context configurable

Issue #161 resolved
Sheila Morrissey created an issue

Otherwise unit tests, via factory methods, are resolving bean names to those on the main ("production") JHOVE2 classpath, hardwired in by default, instead of using beans specified in config files and context configuration for unit tests

Won't include in this bug - -but bean names used in spring factory classes (eg. for identifier) should also be made configurable, with "hardwired" values simply used as defaulsts

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  1. Sheila Morrissey reporter

    This will also mean changes to most unit tests to set the context configuration for them -- will be handled by having them (the ones that need to change) inherit from base test class

  2. Sheila Morrissey reporter

    More changes added to take more care in clearing context to null in 0-arg constructor -- since BDB, when marshalling and unmarshalling objects with ConfigInfo members, creates a new one first

    Changes committed to my fork

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