Update SGML module config file to reflect fact that calling params no longer accepted

Issue #179 new
Sheila Morrissey created an issue

OpenJade does not accept all the original opensp params -n is not allowed <property name="showMessageNumbers" value="false"/> -x is not allowed <property name="showIsoRefs" value="false"/>

Following output options should be commented out <!--<value>data-attribute</value>--> <!--<value>comment</value>--> <!--<value>omitted</value>-->

Need to update: config test config file SGML module documentation

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  1. Sheila Morrissey reporter

    Sample for $JHOVE2HOME\config\spring\module\format\sgml with corrected properties for onsgmls and osgmlnorm

    BE SURE TO CHECK file paths to OPENSP executables to make sure they match your system

  2. Sheila Morrissey reporter

    For UNIT Tests -- wiith correct options sample for $JHOVE2HOME\src\test\resources\config\module\format\sgml

    BE SURE paths to onsmgls and osmglnorm match their location on our system

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