Rationalize PUID-to-J2ID mapping for text formats

Issue #43 resolved
Stephen Abrams created an issue

When I characterize a simple text file, I get the following IDs:

Native ID PRONOM Description JHOVE2 ID [PUID] x-fmt/13 Tab-separated values ascii [PUID] x-fmt/14 Macintosh Text File ascii [PUID] x-fmt/15 MS-DOS text-file ascii [PUID] x-fmt/16 Unicode Text unicode [PUID] x-fmt/110 Fixed Width Values Text File fixed-width-values-text [PUID] x-fmt/111 Plain Text File
[PUID] x-fmt/130 MS-DOS Text File with line breaks ms-dos-text-with-line-breaks Native format IDs include [Namespace] in square brackets. All JHOVE2 format IDs are in the [JHOVE2] namespace and begin with the prefix “http://jhove2.org/terms/format/”; these are omitted here.

I have two issues here: • No JHOVE2 ID for "Plain Text File". That makes one of my examples more complicated than it needs to be. • There seem to be rather more JHOVE2 IDs for plain text than there need to be. According to PRONOM, all of these types map to the MIME type "text/plain".

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