Confirm identifier module classes correctly catch/handle exceptions

Issue #61 resolved
Sheila Morrissey
created an issue

See issue 50

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  1. Sheila Morrissey reporter
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    The DroidIdentifier.identify() method traps for IOException (which it throws), and then for Exception -- which it throws as JHOVE2 exception, along with a message saying unable to run DROID on the source.

    In general we are trying to avoid trapping Exception (as opposed to individual exceptions) - but there were so many layers of DROID wrapping and re-writing these seemed the most tractable approach.

    We might want to revisit this when we moved to DROID 5.

    There is one change to the Identifier.execute() method to trap explicitly for IOException (Identifier module itself only throws IOException and JHOVe2 exception)

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