Memory leak in SGML module

Issue #91 resolved
Sheila Morrissey created an issue

Running SGML module on 1300 SGML files results in out of memory error. Similar error NOT seen using BerkeleyDB JE with up to 12,000 XML files. Leak seems confined to SGML module.

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  1. Sheila Morrissey reporter
    • changed status to open

    Changes to grammar to preserve fewer String features; changes to CopyUtils to ensure nullifcation and de-referencing of tests

    Improvements seen (before could run batches of 84 and 163 files without running out of memory; now can run 326 and 672, but run out of memory at 1342

  2. Sheila Morrissey reporter

    This is resolved -- there were 2 sources for leaks - -major source was ANTLR-generated code; secondary source was deleteOnExit(); both have been removed.

  3. Marisa Strong

    Modify ANTRL grammars to create fewer strings; modify CopyUtils to ensure dereferencing of all Strings in lists and maps created by ANTLR grammars, create unit test for CopyUtils See issue #91


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