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May* Tutorial at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome Italy, May 25-26
* Workshop at IS&T conference, May 16 (See p.6 of the Preliminary Program for more information.)
AprilFirst production Release (v2.0.0)
FebruaryTwo preconference workshops at Code4Lib:
* Creating a new JHOVE2 Format Module
* Using JHOVE2 for Policy Assessment of Files


DecemberLatest source code release available This beta code release supports all the major technical objectives of the project, including a more sophisticated, modular architecture; signature-based file identification; policy-based assessment of objects; recursive characterization of objects comprising aggregate files and files arbitrarily nested in containers; and extensive configuration and reporting options. The release also continues to fill out the roster of supported formats, with modules for ICC color profiles, SGML, Shapefile, TIFF, UTF-8, WAVE, and XML.
SeptemberJHOVE2 workshop at iPRES 2010 in Vienna, Austria
JulyUpdate at the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) partners meeting in Washington DC
MarchPrototype code (v. 0.6.0) available to general public for review and comment.
FebruaryCompletion of XML module. Support for reportable property units of measure and internationalization of messages.
JanuaryContinued refactoring of core APIs for complete flexibility of module configuration..


DecemberRefactoring of the core APIs and adding function to the XML module.
NovemberRevised processing model for simplified module configuration. Prototype XML module.
October2009 Fall Workshop, October 7, 2009 (following iPRES 2009), Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco. Addition of Tesella to the JHOVE2 Advisory Board.
AugustPrototype (v. 0.5.2) available to general public for review and comment. Integration of DROID into the identification module.
JulyPrototype code (v. 0.5.2) packaged and distributed to advisory board for review and comment. Support for aggregate source unit identification based on configurable filenaming patterns.
JuneAdd support for Zip source units. Zip'ed files are processed analogously to file system files; Zip'ed directories are processed analogously to file system directories.
MayUse Spring for prototype module invocation. Digester module supports Adler-32, CRC-32, MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 digest algorithms. Displayer modules for JSON, Text (name/value pairs), and XML.
AprilUse of Maven for prototype build process. Prototype reflection-based displayer module supporting JSON, Text (name/value pairs), and XML output.
MarchRefactoring of prototype code for the core JHOVE2 framework, APIs, and UTF-8 and message digesting modules. Background investigation of the ESRI Shapefile format and Java reflection.
FebruaryInitial prototyping of the core JHOVE2 framework, APIs, and UTF-8 module. Experimentation with Java internationalization.
JanuaryRelease of stable working Functional Requirements.


DecemberEstablishment of a shared source code control system. Selection of Java 6 JDK, Eclipse, Maven, and Hudson as the principle development platforms.
NovemberProject Presentations with North American stakeholders at the 2008 DLF Fall Forum, Providence, RI, discussing user needs and functional requirements. Announcement of the JHOVE2-Announce-L and JHOVE2-Techtalk-L Mailing Lists. Revision of provisional Functional Requirements.
OctoberProject Presentations at the 2008 iPRES conference, British Library, London, and a public meeting with European stakeholders discussing user needs and functional requirements.
SeptemberBackground investigation on assessment methodologies.
AugustRecruitment of the JHOVE2 Advisory Boards.
JulyInvestigation of rules expression languages and engines and their applicability to JHOVE2 assessment.
JuneDevelopment of use cases and provisional Functional Requirements
MayBackground investigation into JHOVE1 sizing/performance benchmarks, other characterization tools (e.g. DROID, file-like utilities), the DSpace and Planets characterization frameworks, Java component frameworks (e.g. Spring, OSGi), and distribution platforms (etc.SourceForge, GoogleCode, etc.).
AprilFormation of the JHOVE2 project team. Contract negotiation with LC/NDIIPP. Preliminary discussion of project adminstrative and developmental processes, uses case, and functional requirements.