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User survey

We conducted an online user survey May 4-28, 2010, to aid in planning activities after JHOVE2 release in Sept. We asked a total of 10 questions.

Some basic analysis:

  • Number of respondents: 145
  • Number of countries represented: 23
  • Number of different institutions that could be identified: 88

Some respondents provided more information. A couple of observations about the comments:

  • Several people mention ease of installation as an important feature, either because they had difficulty installing JHOVE, or are not technologically advanced.
  • No other noticeable themes emerge from the comments, but they're useful to read through.

Individual questions:


Graph 1 breaks out the institutional profile of our users. Almost half are from academic libraries or archives. The for-profit and non-profit organizations represent only a small fraction of responses, but actually represent a great many more actual users. For instance, when a commercial repository service implements JHOVE2 into their service, all of their clients become users.


Graph 2 shows that the overwhelming majority of respondents plans to use JHOVE2.


Graph 3 shows that of those who plan to use JHOVE2, most of them plan to use it within the first year of release, with over 60% planning to implement it within the first 6 months.


Graph 4 shows that most of those planning to use JHOVE2 will do so in production systems.


Graph 5 shows that the respondents planning to use JHOVE2 will use it as an integral part of their workflow. Although the responses are evenly split among 3 answers, the unifying factor is that the vast majority plans to use it as an integral part of their workflow.


Graph 6 shows that the resources that users would prefer. The top three are written documentation, a reference implementation and webinars. This will help in prioritizing our efforts in providing support.


Finally, graph 8 details reasons why respondents answered that they did not plan to implement JHOVE2. Most of those responding "no" either hadn't planned far enough ahead, or were unaware of the project. One goal of the survey was to publicize progress of the JHOVE2 project. Very few of the respondents said they would not use JHOVE2 because it did not include particular file formats, and no respondents said that JHOVE2 will lack specific functionality they needed.