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Understand the limitations to the Berkeley station. Contrary to Richmond, it's not "active" therefore the service is not available for the location. I suggest that first you change it to the Golden gate itself as many of us know how to convert the predictions manually: Low: +38 min, +0', High: +21 min, +.1' Then what we could do in a second step is parse the string we get: ( stringBuffer = NOAATidePredictionService ) and convert the data for Berkeley. - Yves

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  1. Yves Parent

    Awesome, Jorrit! Now looking at the data displayed, it's still not right. The levels are correct, but the times are 1 hour early. I realize it's because co-ops uses the standard time, and disregards the daylight savings time. I suggest you add 1 hour to the times when the predictions are between March 10, 02:00 and Nov. 3, 02:00. - Yves

  2. JorritP repo owner

    Hey Yves. . . . Thanks for your message. I've updated the page to reflect your suggestion.

    Let me know if there's anything else!

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