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Grok Community Documentation

This is the new Grok Community Documentation. It is based on Sphinx.

Preparing the build

To build the docs run::

  $ python

That should generate scripts in a local ``bin/`` directory.

Then, run::

  $ ./bin/buildout

This step is only needed after download, when you try to build the
docs for the first time, or after changes to ``buildout.cfg``.

Building the docs

Finally in the checkout directory run::

  $ make html

which should generate the HTML docs in a local `build/` directory.


  $ make

to see all modes available.

After changes to the sources rerun ``make``.

You can pass additional options to the sphinx-builder using
commandline arguments like this::

  $ make html SPHINXOPTS="-E -a"

for instance to clear the cache and force sphinx to generate really
all docs. The latter call is recommended when building docs to be
published publicly, as all errors and warnings will be displayed.

Recent activity

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