Component Information

  • Created By: Core Content Only
  • Authors: Jason Stortz and Jonathan Hult
  • Last Updated: build_7_20140808


This component alphabetizes the menus in WebCenter Content.

Without component With component

Detailed information on how this component works can be found here:


This component was built upon and tested on the version listed below, this is the only version it is known to work on, but it may work on older/newer versions.

  • 11gR1- (Build:
  • (111229) (Build:


  • build_7_20140808
    • Fixed issue with sortData[k] being undefined in URM
  • build_6_20130620
    • Fixed undefined errors
  • build_5_20110913
    • Fixed Trays layout sorting in 11g
  • build_4_20110712
    • Added compatibility with 11g
  • build_3_20100521
    • Fixed sorting for Safari and Chrome
    • Thanks to Shane D. for helping with the testing!
  • build_2_20091119
    • Added preference variable to control whether or not sorting is on/off. This allows for enabling/disabling the component functionality without a Content Server restart
  • build_1_20081129
    • Initial component release