Component Information


This component hides the Full/Default Document Information link on Content Information pages. The component can be turned on/off via the preference prompt HideFullDocInfoLink_ComponentEnabled.

  • Dynamichtml includes:

    • docinfo_page_title: Core - 10g - override to hide Full Info link on Content Information page
    • docinfo_menus_setup: Core - override to include docinfo_menus_setup_hide_full_default
    • docinfo_menus_setup_hide_full_default: HideFullDocInfoLink - 11g - Remove Full Information and Default Information links on Content Information page
  • Preference Prompts:

    • HideFullDocInfoLink_ComponentEnabled: Boolean determining whether component functionality is enabled


This component was built upon and tested on the version listed below, this is the only version it is known to work on, but it may work on older/newer versions.

  • 17:07:21Z-r106802 (Build:


  • build_2_20131008
    • Added 11g compatibility
  • build_1_20120705
    • Initial component release