Conjury — Alternative library for OMake

OMake is a modernized variant of the venerable family of software build tools descended from the Unix MAKE(1) program. Its standard library is well-suited for use in small projects, and this alternative library is a framework for using OMake in building larger projects with many subprojects and complex build configuration and packaging options.


None yet. This is a prototype, written mainly for programming exercise. Created by an author interested in sustainable software. Collaborators are welcome!


None yet.



- omake >= 0.10.3

Best to use OPAM to install everything and have the dependencies managed automatically:

$ opam install conjury

Or, build OMake manually and install Conjury directly into its library.


An earlier unnumbered version of the Conjury library for OMake exists. It was designed to be imported as a subrepository or a subtree, and it was never packaged or tagged with a version number. This library is a total redesign of that earlier work.

Accordingly, the Conjury library commences its version sequence at 2. Its first revisions in development were made on a Mercurial named branch "v2".

Open problems on the v2 branch

  • Building and installing compiler plug-in modules, .i.e. .cmxs files.

  • Building and installing generated documentation.

  • Generating source files: with ocamllex, menhir, ocamlyacc, omake, et cetera.