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Added a special case for Mac OS X to work around a bug in Apple's network
stack that errors in connect(2) on a non-blocking socket do not get in the
errno system variable. You have to get them out of the socket with the
SO_ERROR socket option.

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     result = connect(sockPtr->s_fd, &sxPtr->sx_sockaddr, sxPtr->sx_socklen);
     error = errno;
+#ifdef __APPLE__
+    /* Mac OS X does not return the error in errno on non-blocking sockets */
+    if (result && error == EINVAL) {
+        int optlen = sizeof error;
+        getsockopt(sockPtr->s_fd, SOL_SOCKET, SO_ERROR, &error, &optlen);
+    }
     if (result) unix_error(error, "connect", Nothing);