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[project/lang/OCaml] Correct the dependencies for the 'documents' target.

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     ### Invoke ocamlmklib to make bytecode libraries
     native-library(name, cmxfiles, dst)=
-        private.libs=$(name).cmxa
+        private.libs=$(name).cmxa $(name).a
         return $(mklib-composer-rule $(name), $(libs), $(cmxfiles), $(dst))
 ### The OCaml document generator
         private.target=$(addprefix documents-, $(this.NAME))
         private.dstage=$(this.STAGE.push docs)
-        OCAMLDOC.DEPEND+=$(dstage.DIR)
+        OCAMLDOC.DEPEND+=$(dstage.DIR) $(this.FILES)
         return $(OCAMLDOC.html-documents $(this.FILES), $(dstage.DIR))
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