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Use Cf_lex instead of deprecated Cf_lexer.

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 type 'a t = (Xml_event.t, 'a) Cf_parser.t
 open Cf_parser.Op
-open Cf_lexer.Op
+open Cf_lex.Op
 let character_data =
     Cf_parser.tok begin function
     let x_white = !+(!^(is_white true)) in
     let x_token = !+(!^(is_white false)) in
-    let cursor = new Cf_lexer.cursor 0 in
-    let lexer = Cf_lexer.create !@[
-        x_token $^ (fun x -> Some x);
+    let lexer = Cf_lex.create !@[
         x_white $= None;
+        x_token $> (fun x -> Some x);
     ] in
     fun s ->
         let rec loop acc sx =
             match lexer sx with
-            | None -> Some (List.rev acc, Cf_seq.first sx)
+            | None -> Some (List.rev acc, sx)
             | Some (None, sx) -> loop acc sx
             | Some (Some tok, sx) -> loop (tok :: acc) sx
-        loop [] (Cf_parser.X.weave cursor s)
+        loop [] s
 let standalone_document content =
     xml_decl >>= fun decl ->
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