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File iom/iom_sock_stream.mli

         ('s, Iom_file.signal_t Iom_gadget.rx * connection Iom_gadget.rx)
-    (** Use [listen ~e ?d ?sock ?src *)
+    (** Use [listen ?sock ?src ~e ?d ?c k >>= fun (sigRx, connRx) -> ...] to
+        bind a new socket (or optionally the socket [?sock]) to an arbitrary
+        source address (or optional the address [?src]) in the kernel context
+        [k].  The listener backlog is set to [e].  The maximum number of
+        connections that will be drained from the listener at each ready event
+        is [d] (the default is to drain the entire backlog).  Control and
+        notification events are sent and received on the [?c] and [s] wires.
+        Accepted connections should be received on the [connRx] receiver.
+        Notifications should be received on the [sigRx] receiver.
+    *)
     val listen:
         ?sock:S.t -> ?src:S.address_t -> e:int -> ?d:int -> 
         ?c:Iom_file.reader_control_t #Iom_gadget.rx -> Iom_gadget.kernel_t ->