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Update the README and the etc/INSTALL files in preparation for merging
the sideline branch into the default branch.

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   oni.mime  - Multimedia Internet Messaging Extensions (MIME)
   oni.sasl  - Simple Authentication and Security layer (SASL)
+See etc/INSTALL for information about prerequisites and composition.
 --j h woodyatt <>
   San Francisco, CA
 godi-oni package.  It manages all the prerequisites for you.  This document is
 an outline of the manual method for installing the Oni libraries.
+===== Manual procedure for building and installing the Oni libraries =====
     Unix operating environment
     ocaml-3.10 or later
     findlib-1.x or later
     omake- [for building]
-Note: if you're working with the current 'sideline' branch from the repository,
-then you'll also need: