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james woodyatt  committed 9432b2e

Import the latest Conjury subrepository.

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File Conjury/Stage.om

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     checkpoint(ckname, depends) =
         f=$(ck $(ckname))
         $f: $(depends) $(DIR)
-            date > $@
+            fprint($@, $"$(digest-optional $+)")
         return $f
 ### Assert that $c is an instance of Stage in context $m

File Conjury/lang/OCaml.om

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         this=$(Component::new $(name))
             cklib=$(STAGE.checkpoint libraries, $(EMPTY))
-            ckbin=$(STAGE.checkpoint programs, $(EMPTY))
+            ckbin=$(STAGE.checkpoint programs, $(cklib))
         .DEFAULT: $(cklib) $(ckbin)
         return $(this)