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Update for version 0.1 release.

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-===== Pagoda Monadic I/O Reactors (iom) library =====
+===== OCaml NAE Reactive I/O Monad (iom) library =====
 This file describes in technical detail the functional differences between
 released versions of the library.
+===== Version 0.1 =====
+Highlights of this release:
++ Rewrote the [Iom_sock_stream.endpoint] reactor to fix bugs (and hopefully
+  improve performance in some edge cases).
++ More optional tests coded (but they're still suboptimal, and maybe buggy).
+--- [Iom_sock_stream]
+    Rewrote the [endpoint] reactor to use less consing, i.e. the state is now
+    a couple of mutable objects derived from [Cf_poll.event].  Events are
+    plumbed around the inside of the reactor in shorter paths.
+--- [T_iom]
+    Change to be compatible with cf-0.5 notion of IPv6 socket addresses, which
+    now contain an int32 element for the scope identifier.
+--- {New Tests}
+    Added a couple of new programs which help me work out bugs.  I don't think
+    these programs are really done, since they don't quite give me the control
+    I need to be able to adequately test and benchmark the performance of code
+    based on the [Iom] library.  I'll probably need to hammer on these for
+    awhile before I have something to document.  In the meantime, consider them
+    curiosities for your amusement.
 ===== Version 0.0 =====
 This was the initial release of the library.  Major and minor version numbers