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Improve testing of [Cf_rbtree].

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 Random.self_init ();;
 let jout = Cf_journal.stdout
-let _ = jout#setlimit `Info
+let _ = jout#setlimit `Notice
 Gc.set {
         printlist msg (to_list tree);
             let e = search key tree in
+            assert (member key tree);
             if (e / 2) <> key then failwith "testfind key <> e / 2"
         | Not_found ->
+            assert (not (member key tree));
             failwith "testfind -> Not_found"
     let testextract tree key =
     let test1 () =
         let m = M.replace (0, "zero") M.nil in
         let s = 0 m in
-        assert (s = "zero")
+        assert (s = "zero");
+        assert (M.member 0 m)
     let nearest_succ key m =
         match Lazy.force (M.nearest_incr key m) with
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