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Updated for Cf-0.7 changes.

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 released versions of the library.
+===== Version 0.7 =====
+Highlights of the changes:
++ Some very minor bugs fixed.
++ Minor performance and improvements.
++ Additions to [Cf_parser] interface.
++ Minor modifications to [Cf_parser] and [Cf_lex] interfaces.
++ New module [Cf_machine]: object-oriented layer over [Cf_gadget].
++ Removed trailing underscores from private methods defined in class types
+  for the purpose of establishing a convention.
+--- [Cf_parser]
+    Fixed [to_extended] to work given the new physical equality rules enforced
+    by Ocaml-3.08.X.  Still need to write a test case for this.
+    Added [Error] exception and two new functions, [err] and [req], to the [X]
+    module.  They do the expected thing.
+    Changed the [err f] function to [err ?f ()] instead.
+--- [Cf_lex]
+    Change name of [line_cursor] class to [cursor] for simplicity.
+--- [Cf_message]
+    Fixed [normalize] so that it works even when compiled with -unsafe.
+    Improved performance of [normalize] by verifying the list before filtering.
+--- [Cf_flow,Cf_rbtree,Cf_parser]
+    Use Cf_seq.nil in place of Lazy.lazy_from_val Cf_seq.Z.
+--- [Cf_machine]
+    New module.  Object-oriented framework for [Cf_gadget] state machines.
+--- [Cf_poll]
+    Allow subclasses [Cf_poll.file] to have more states.  Changed the type
+    parameter of the [event] class to 'state, rather than 'event.  Added the
+    rwx_t convenience type, i.e. type rwx_t = [ `R | `W | `X ]
+--- [Cf_socket]
+    Add [`SOCK_SEQPACKET] to the allowed socket types in the [listen] function.
+    There is no support for that socket type yet, but we must make room for it.
+    When [setsockopt] fails, raise Unix_error with the right function name.
+--- [Cf_sock_common]
+    Make [setsockopt] and [getsockopt] method explicitly polymorphic.
+--- [Cf_sock_dgram, Cf_sock_stream] Explicitly specify socket type tags.
+--- [cf_socket_p.c, cf_ip4_proto_p.c, cf_ip6_proto.c] Use socklen_t instead of
+    other types, in order to shut up compiler warnings when using GCC 4.0.
 ===== Version 0.6 =====
 Highlights of the changes: