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+===== Oni =====
+Oni is an assortment of Objective Caml libraries of general interest and also specifically for developing new Internet application layer protocols. (Formerly known as OCaml NAE on sourceforge.net)
+Highlighted features include:
+- Functional streams and stream processors (extended).
+- Functional bootstrapped skew-binomial heap.
+- Functional red-black binary tree (associative array).
+- Functional sets based on red-black binary tree.
+- Functional real-time catenable deque.
+- Functional LL(x) parsing using state-exception monad.
+- Functional lazy deterministic finite automaton (DFA).
+- Functional lexical analyzer (using lazy DFA and monadic parser).
+- Functional substring list manipulation (message buffer chains).
+- Gregorian calendar date manipulation.
+- Standard time manipulation.
+- System time in Temps Atomique International (TAI).
+- Unicode transcoding.
+- Universal resource identifier (URI) manipulation.
+- Extended socket interface (supports more options, and UDP w/multicast).
+- I/O event multiplexing (with Unix.select).
+The distribution builds with OMake and includes the following subpackages:
+  oni.cf    - Core foundation [included by default]
+  oni.nx    - Extended socket interface
+  oni.iom   - I/O event multiplexing
+--j h woodyatt <jhw@conjury.org>
+  San Francisco, CA

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+===== Installing the Oni libraries =====
+The simplest way to install Oni is to use the GODI console to install the
+godi-oni package.  It manages all the prerequisites for you.  This document is
+an outline of the manual method for installing the Oni libraries.
+    Unix operating environment
+    ocaml-3.10 or later
+    findlib-1.x or later
+    omake- [for building]
+Note: if you're working with the current 'sideline' branch from the repository,
+then you'll also need:
+    cryptokit-1.3
+    expat-2.0.1
+Building (from a Bourne shell command prompt):
+    First, change to the root directory of the project.  Then, adjust the
+    environment variables in your shell.
+    $ eval `setup.sh`
+    Next, build the Oni libraries and test programs
+    $ omake
+    Optionally, run the tests
+    $ omake test
+    Finally, install the Oni package into the findlib package library
+    $ sudo omake install
+    You can remove the Oni package
+    $ sudo omake remove
+Note: you build the debug version instead of the release version by passing the
+      '-d -c debug' options to the setup.sh script.
+-- james woodyatt <jhw@conjury.org>
+   san francisco, ca