james woodyatt committed fc9c9dc

Update the Conjury library. Fixes the problem where the .cma and .cmxa
files aren't installed in the findlib package.

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     ### Compose (FIX ME: should be in base class)
-        private.outputs=
+        outputs=
         export outputs
-        foreach(cfg, $(this.CONFIGURATIONS))
+        foreach(cfg, $(CONFIGURATIONS))
             this=$(this.configure $(cfg))
             outputs+=$(this.compose-visit-config $(cmp), $(cfg))
         return $(outputs)


     ### Configuration visitor
-        private.outputs=
+        outputs=
         export outputs
-        foreach(config, $(this.CONFIGURATIONS))
+        foreach(config, $(CONFIGURATIONS))
             this.OCAMLC=$(configure-compiler $(this.OCAMLC), $c, $(config))
             this.OCAMLOPT=$(configure-compiler $(this.OCAMLOPT), $c, $(config))
             dst=$(dir $(c.STAGE.DIR)/$(config))
         cmi=$(file $(addprefix $(cdir)/, $(cmi)))
         cmx=$(module-file-by-extension .cmx, $(this.MODULES))
         cmx=$(file $(addprefix $(cdir)/, $(cmx)))
-        libs=
+        libs=$(this.NAME).cma $(this.NAME).cmxa
         export libs
         if $(this.CFILES)
             libs+=dll$(this.NAME).so lib$(this.NAME).a
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