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===== CHANGES =====

This file provides some technical discussion of the functional differences
between released versions of the Oni libraries.

==== Version 1.1 ===

+ Fixed an error in the Nx_socket module where the message flags on send and
  recv calls would be passed incorrectly, with MSG_DONTWAIT applied.

+ Added Cf_seq.weave, Cf_seq.optweave and their paired cognates.  See PROBLEMS
  for related issues.

+ Refactored the functional parser modules.  The Cf_llscan module now has the
  core LL(x) parsing monad.

==== Version 1.0 ===

This release marks the repackaging of the separately distributed libraries in
the OCaml Network Application Environment (OCaml NAE) as a single GODI package now simply called Oni.

Highlights of the changes since version 0.10 of the Cf library:

+ Improvements to [Cf_set], [Cf_cmonad] and [Cf_scmonad].

--- [Cf_scmonad]
    Added the [bridge] and [eval] functions.
    Changed [lift] to [liftC] and added [liftS].
    Cleaned up the documentation.

--- [Cf_cmonad]
    Added [bridge] function.
    Cleanup the documentation.

--- [Cf_set]
    Added [disjoint] function.  (Implemented in [Cf_rbtree]).

Highlights of the changes since version 0.0 of the Nx library:

+ No functional differences.

Highlights of the changes since version 0.4 of the Iom library:

+ No functional differences.

-- james woodyatt <>