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===== Pagoda Core Foundation (cf) library =====

This distribution is the Objective Caml Network Application Environment (NAE)
Core Foundation library, which implements functional composition of reactive
network I/O.

Note: see the ISSUES file for a list of open problems in this release.

===== Required Components =====

This library requires the following external components:

- Objective Caml (v3.07+2 or newer)
- Findlib (tested with v0.8.1 and v1.0.4)
- OCaml NAE Core Foundation (cf-0.4)

Principle development was on Mac OS X 10.3.  The final version of this
library also compiled successfully and passed all self-tests without warnings
on Suse Linux 9.0 for x86-32.  Other platforms with POSIX-like environments
should require only a minimal porting effort.

===== Building =====

No 'configure' script is provided.  Compile the library with:

    $ make default

Compile both bytecode and native versions with:

    $ make default opt

Execute tests for byte and native versions with:

    $ make test test.opt

Install the library with ocamlfind using:

    $ make install

Uninstall the library with ocamlfind using:

    $ make uninstall

Make the reference documentation with ocamldoc using:

    $ make doc

--j h woodyatt <>
  San Francisco, CA