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===== Oni =====

Oni is an assortment of Objective Caml libraries of general interest and also
specifically for developing new Internet application layer protocols. (Formerly
known as OCaml NAE on sourceforge.net)

Highlighted features include:

- Functional streams and stream processors (extended).
- Functional bootstrapped skew-binomial heap.
- Functional red-black binary tree (associative array).
- Functional sets based on red-black binary tree.
- Functional real-time catenable deque.
- Functional LL(x) parsing using state-exception monad.
- Functional lazy deterministic finite automaton (DFA).
- Functional lexical analyzer (using lazy DFA and monadic parser).
- Functional substring list manipulation (message buffer chains).
- Gregorian calendar date manipulation.
- Standard time manipulation.
- System time in Temps Atomique International (TAI).
- Unicode transcoding.
- Universal resource identifier (URI) manipulation.
- Extended socket interface (supports more options, and UDP w/multicast).
- I/O event multiplexing (with Unix.select).

The distribution builds with OMake and includes the following subpackages:

  oni.cf    - Core foundation [included by default]
  oni.nx    - Extended socket interface
  oni.iom   - I/O event multiplexing

--j h woodyatt <jhw@conjury.org>
  San Francisco, CA