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Cross-filters matrix



The plugin looks only in the number of issues. Thus, the load on the server is weak and the display of results is fast.


  • All users have access to view the matrix.

  • Administrators and OWNER can edit the matrix. Only administrators can change the OWNER.

  • Administrators can create matrices. Administrators can give access to create matrices to all users.

Create filter matrix

  1. Select the appropriate item in the menu - Filter Matrix Configuration. filter-matrix-menu.png

  2. Click - Create filter matrix Click - Create filter matrix.png

  3. Config your matrix set data.png

  • As an administrator, you can set the owner.
  • Set any Name - will be displayed in the title
  • Click - add X filter. Add a new column with pair column name and JQL-filter.
  • Click - add Y filter. Add a new line with pair line name and JQL-filter.

When you enter JQL, it is validated. Errors will be displayed on the side. filter-matrix jql validation.png

  • Click Ok
  1. You have created a new matrix. created.png

View filter matrix

  • Click on the view button opposite the matrix.


  • Or add the matrix as a gadget to your dashboard. Add new gadget add gadget.png Set matrix id config gadget.png view gadget.png

The cells are clickable and are transferred to the JQL display of the result that corresponds to the intercepted filters X and Y.

X and Y Filter.png