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Delegating group management

How delegating group management? (for Jira administrator)

1) Open url in you Jira '/secure/jibrokDelegatingGroupManagementAdminPanel!default.jspa' or open admin search (gg) and find 'Settings for Delegating Group Management'

settings all.png

2) Click '+ Add group delegating'

setting admin search.png

3) Select the users or groups(admins) you want to grant group management rights to.

4) Select the groups(delegating) that the users listed above will manage.

setting popup.png

5) Click 'Ok'

How to manage groups (for Jira users)

1) Open url in your Jira '/secure/jibrokDelegatingGroupManagementUserPanel!default.jspa' or open click in user menu 'Group management'

Delegating groups - menu link.png

2) Select a group and manage its users

delegating groups - user add.png