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This Project is moving to my GitHub account, please go there for the latest updates.

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Rhythmbox REST/JSon plugin with an ajax web interface to manage your rhythmbox music player via your web browser. Includes playing status, playlists handling, playing queue management, tag clouds for artists, genres and albums which gets feed by the music you play the most and library search.

Check out the Screenshots

GTK3 support

I'm talking about ubuntu 12.04 and up

I'm working on it, you can get a partially working version from this same repo just by updating to the branch "gtk3 compatibility"

Get it now

Just download it from here and follow the installation instructions.

How to install

Follow the Installation guide, you only need to download the source.

How to Use

Check a detailed walkthrought here Or check out for extra tools

Rest Interface

Check it out Here


Checkout how to create a new skin here

Ajax Search Interface

Learn how to search to fully unleash your web Rhythmbox server!!!


Report a bug here: bug tracker

This project was tested and is running in rhythmbox 0.11.5 (in a ppc/python 2.5 environment) and in rhythmbox 0.12.8 (in an amd64/python 2.6)


Thanks to João Makray for his amazing iphone/android skin, check it out here, you will get it by default when installing or updating rhythmweb.


Rhythmbox Remote helps you to control remotely Rhythmote through a Android powered device. The communication between "Rhythmbox Remote" and Rhythmbox happen with help of the amazing plugin "Rhythmweb".

About me and the project

I started writing how is it to develop this project, check it out in tumblr