Client auto-unlock option causes freezes when used with Text Editor object

Issue #1171 resolved
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

Report from Thomas Cooper -

Open shared DB. Autounlock in Database options set to 15 seconds.
Open form with TEO’s linked to database fields.
Click a TEO; focus ring shows the selected field.
Click on another application. Do something.
While the other other application is active, the Auto Unlock times out, and the record is committed (per the server log).
Server saved the database (per the server log)
Click back on the form with the TEOs. Click another TEO, and the beach ball appears.
The server log show these two lines repeated until a force quit of the client:

04/08/202111:42:57 amAutomatic unlock of record 2053 in database: Worker (already locked by this user)04/08/202111:42:57 amSession 166 (TGC M1 Mac Mini:Thomas Cooper) locked record 2053 of database: Worker

My conclusion: if an Auto Unlock is performed by the client after another application is activated, and then the user returns Panorama and clicks a TEO, which will attempt to lock the same record, the loop begins causing a freeze of the client.

Solution: so simple is it. Turn off Auto Unlock on the client. No freezes. This is a special day, when I have found a solution to a problem like this. They normally torment me indefinitely.

Later confirmed by James Wadsworth:

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  1. Jim Rea reporter

    Client auto-unlock no longer causes hang if Panorama is not the frontmost application when unlock is triggered. (As part of this fix, the new CloseDatabaseActiveObjects statement was added.) Fixes issue #1171. Thank you to Thomas Cooper for an excellent bug report which made it possible to track this down.

    → <<cset ea9cf14aa38a>>

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