Text Funnel crashes if range elements are out of order

Issue #1219 resolved
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

Here is an example posted by Robert Ameeti that crashes.

LArrayTimeSlots = LArrayTimeSlots["</layout-key>",-1]

The crash SHA is 7ab7a4cb962fe8c8be221b5db15c349386f83c10. The crash is occurring in line 223 of TextFunnelFunction.m, I suspect the second parameter to NSMakeRange is negative.

[funnelCharSet addCharactersInRange:NSMakeRange(uxValue, uzValue-uxValue)];


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  1. Jim Rea reporter

    Text funnel no longer crashes if range is backwards. Fixes issue #1219.

    Previously, text funnel of ["z-a",-1] would crash. Now it simply acts the same as 1, i.e. no funneling happens (but no crash).

    → <<cset 1244e509cf47>>

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