Panorama confused about record locking when a field and variable have the same name.

Issue #1311 resolved
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

Whenever an assignment is done, Panorama checks to see if the record needs to be locked before the value is done. Unfortunately, the code confused if a variable has the same name as a database field.

This check is being performed in the AssignStatement.m:destinationIsField method. This method does have code to check if the destination is a variable, but apparently this code doesn’t work.

Ok, a clue – it DOES work ok if I use let p = 2. So perhaps the problem is that the variable value isn’t defined yet. Or maybe when let is used the check isn’t done?

This was found by a user that had a field named p, then his next New Generation failed because of a local variable named p in the SetDictionaryValue statement (which was called by the UploadToServer procedure).

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