No Duplicates / No Unique not implemented

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Jim Rea
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There is a pop-up for this in the Field Properties inspector panel, but nothing actually happens if a duplicate (or unique) value is entered. This is primarily because I haven't figured out exactly what I think should happen, especially with Text Editor objects. When I do figure this out, the same technique can be used for issue #508.

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  1. Dusty Norwood

    I came across this issue today... I have a text field titled "Store" that we enter a 5 digit unique box code number into. In Pan 6 we have the "No Duplicates" popup checked - so if we attempt to enter a box code number that has already been entered, we get the message "Warning: You are attempting to enter a duplicate value." And we can click cancel to reenter or ok to accept - of course we do not want to click OK because box code numbers may only entered one time. Could we do the same in PanX please. Thanks, Dusty

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