drawObjectHandle should probably not use selectedTextBackgroundColor

Issue #553 resolved
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

In FormObject.m, the drawObjectHandle method uses selectedTextBackgroundColor as the final color in the gradient. This looks nice if the selectedTextBackgroundColor is blue, but not so great if it is some other color. So probably this should be changed to a fixed color.

other places where selectedTextBackgroundColor is also used and maybe should be changed:

  • PVDivderView.m,
  • FormView.m in drawMarquee:

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  1. Jim Rea reporter

    Changed object selection handles to white with a black outline instead of a gradient. If an object doesn't fill it's rectangle, a light blue outline also appears when it is selected (ovals, polygons, stars, text and image objects w/o borders, transparent push buttons and popup buttons). Fixes issue #553.

    → <<cset 7cf205940278>>

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