Issue #703 resolved

grabdata( function doesn't work in FormulaFill to access current database

Jim Rea
repo owner created an issue

Suppose you have a database with fields A and B. You would expect that this code:

field B
formulafill grabdata("","A")

would be the same as:

field B
formulafill A

but it isn't -- the first procedure will always grab the value of A on the current record, not the record being scanned by the formulafill.

I think this is a general problem with grabdata( and scanning -- this also doesn't work even if "some value" actually occurs in field A.

select grabdata("","A")="some value"

Yep, here is the line that is causing the problem:

NSInteger currentRecord = [lookupDatabase currentRecord];

This is not adjusted by scanning operations.

This was reported by Dave Thompson in this post:

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