LookupLast( function doesn't work correctly with formulafill

Issue #749 resolved
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

The lookuplast( function is supposed to skip the current record. In Panorama 6, as a formula fill was being done, the current record would advance from record to record, so that lookuplast( would skip whatever record was currently being calculated. In Panorama X, it is checking the record that was current before the formulafill started, the current record is not advancing. Pete Schuder submitted a database (IRASampleX.pandb) where this causes his procedure (FillStocks) to not do what he expected.

See issue #703, which is probably related (grabdata( function doesn't work in FormulaFill to access current database).


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  1. Jim Rea reporter

    A formula fill now works correctly with a lookuplast( function that looks into the current database. There was also an unreported bug with superlookup( if the "SkipCurrentRecord" option was enabled in this situation. Fixes issue #749.

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