Permanent variables getting auto-saved with error values?

Issue #759 duplicate
Jim Rea
repo owner created an issue

There have been a couple of reports of permanent variables not saving properly. When the file is opened, the variables are there, but the value is "variable does not exist". Some reports indicate that this is happening after a crash/hang/force quit. I'm speculating that something is messing with the variables, which is either a symptom or a cause of the crash/hang, but before Panorama stops completely, an auto-save is kicking in, and is saving the bad variable values. Possibly the entire save process could be aborted if I can detect the fact that the variables are messed up? That way whatever the last save was would be preserved, not overwritten.

Also, the permanent variable load process could detect these errors, and display an immediate warning. Then the user could use Revert to Saved to get back to a good version.

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