importtext statement doesn't work with import() function

Issue #761 resolved
Jim Rea
repo owner created an issue

This code should work, but gives no value for import() function

importtext "a,b,c,d","rearrange",importline()

There are two spots in Database+Import.m with this code:

[usingExpression setImportValue:[[TextOperandToken alloc] initWithValue:rawtext]];
[ImportCellFunction setImportCells:columns];

There are two other spots with this, no reference to setImportValue, so that might be the problem:

[ImportCellFunction setImportCells:nil];

Or, it could be that usingExpression is not the correct value -- further investigation needed.

This was reported by John Bovenmyer

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  1. Jim Rea reporter

    The import() function now works with the importtext statement. The problem was that the rearrange formula is run once in advance to "pre-flight" and check for errors, if there are any errors the import is aborted before it started. The import() function value was not defined yet at the time this pre-flight was done, so I just initialized it with "" just so there would not be any error. Fixes issue #761.

    → <<cset 974c2dacf382>>

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