GoForm statement doesn't work to switch from a View-As-List form to a regular form

Issue #804 resolved
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

I haven't tested this, but it probably doesn't work going the other way either -- and perhaps not going between 2 View-As-List forms?


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  1. David Thompson

    When I tested, I first tried going from a regular form to a view as list, and that worked. The problem occurred when I tried going back to the regular form. I didn't try going from one view as list to another.

  2. David Thompson

    Maybe "worked" was too strong a word. The window changed to the view-as-list form, but it looked more like a report form. You saw the tiles. Switching to graphics mode and back, made it display correctly.

  3. Jim Rea reporter

    That sounds like more or less what I expected. When transitioning a View-As-List form in and out of graphics mode, there is special code to perform that transition. That probably needs to be also performed by GoForm. Hopefully I can simply invoke that transition code and quickly fix this issue.

  4. Jim Rea reporter

    The goform statement now works properly when switching back and forth from a regular form to a view-as-list form (both directions are now ok). Fixes issue #804.

    → <<cset 87dc029bb836>>

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