seconds( function doesn't default to 24 hour time

Issue #821 resolved
Jim Rea
repo owner created an issue

In Panorama 6 it would if no am/pm was included.

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  1. Kurt J. Meyer

    The issue affects the superdate( function, too: Hours from 0 to 11 give correct results, superdate(date("3.1.2018"),time("12:00")) gives the wrong result 3597782400, and hours >12 are working well. (My date is entered in German format "DD.MM.YYYY".)

  2. Jim Rea reporter

    Fixed time( function so that it will correctly handle times from 12:00 to 12:59 (with no am/pm, so should be in 24 hour format). Fixes issue #821, and as Dave pointed out, this also applies to issue #401. It turns out when working on issue #401, I didn't quite fix it correctly, so this leftover bug remained.

    → <<cset 4e2a8336ee65>>

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