Favorites vanish mysteriously

Issue #845 resolved
Jim Rea
repo owner created an issue

This was reported on the forum for Analyze favorites, and I have seen this happen with Search favorites. Could this be a general problem with permanent variables?


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  1. Jim Rea reporter

    More information -- apparently what is happening is that somehow the permanent variables are being saved as ErrorOperandToken instead of as the correct value tokens. So all the variables are being saved, but as errors!! Not sure if this is happening as the database is being saved, or at some earlier time. Permanent variables are saved by the archivePermanentVariables: method in Database+PermanentVariables.m.

  2. Jim Rea reporter

    When saving a database, permanent variables are now checked to make sure that they don't contain errors. If a variable does contain an error, it is not saved. Also, the variable values are now pulled directly from the database's fileglobal pool, instead of indirectly. I think sometimes a save may have happened to a database that was not the current database, so the wrong fileglobal pool was being used, resulting in variables that contained errors instead of saved values!! Fixes issue #845 (at least I hope it does!!).

    → <<cset 66ff918e9e84>>

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