Menu bar doesn't immediately update to include outline commands when summary records are initially created

Issue #895 resolved
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

The symptom is that Command-K doesn't work to Remove All Summaries.

For example, try pressing Command-T, then Command-K. The Command-K just beeps. If you click anywhere (even on the selected cell), then Command-K works. I think that the menu bar isn't actually updated until there is a click, so the Command key equivalent doesn't actually exist yet.

The same problem happens if you use the Group command and then immediately use Command-K.

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  1. Jim Rea reporter

    Perhaps this could be fixed by calling the [PanoramaApplication UpdateMenuBarASAP] class method?

  2. Jim Rea reporter

    Command-K (remove summaries) now works immediatelly after grouping or any operation that adds a summary record (total, count, etc.), without having to actually click on the menu bar. Fixes issue #895.

    → <<cset 9f889b7af18b>>

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