Text Editor object fails to run finishEditing: code if there is a .ModifyRecord procedure that modifies a field

Issue #929 new
Jim Rea repo owner created an issue

“If the .ModifyRecord procedure contains an assignment to a field, the code that follows the finishEditing: label will not be triggered. Other code, such as an assignment to a variable or a message, does not interfere with the object’s code.”


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  1. Gary Yonaites

    The finishEditing: label is not needed for the problem to be exhibited. Any simple plain code will not be executed in these circumstances. Even a simple message statement will not trigger when the editing is finished.

  2. Jim Rea reporter

    That makes perfect sense Gary, and is really what I would have expected based on how the code works. But since I haven’t tested this yet myself, I didn’t write it that way.

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