Let us build a game. Consider a simple X,Y grid, say of 10 X 10, left
bottom at 0,0 and right top at 10,10. There are various animals in
this grid.

All animals can only move along whole units of X and Y, ie, they can,
for e.g., move from 1,1 to 1,2 but not to 1.4, 1.7 etc.

The animals are:
Snakes and Bull frogs.

There is an inherent food chain here:
Grass-hoppers eat worms.
Frogs eat grass-hoppers.
Snakes eat frogs and grass-hoppers.
Bull frogs are massive frogs: they eat snakes and other small frogs.
No species feeds on itself.

Animals, obviously move in various ways.
Worms can only move in units of 1. for e.g., from 1,1 to 1,2, from
2,3 to 2,4 etc.. ie one unit in either X or Y direction.
Grass -hoppers skip one unit in any one direction. For e.g., if a
grass hopper is at 3,2 facing EAST, it can jump to 3,4 (It skipped

Frogs skip two units

Snakes move like worms, they can move one unit at a time.
Bull frogs jump like ordinary frogs. They too skip two units.
Assume all animals are of 0 length and width, i.e they occupy a
coordinate alone, and do not have any length.

All animals have an initial direction, N,S,E or west.
When given a chance to move, they can either turn their direction,
or move ahead in their current direction, but not both.
If they are about to hit or exceed the grid boundary, then,
instead of moving, they must obviously turn left, right or reverse
direction. for e.g., a frog at 0,9(N), will, on its next movement,
will either turn left or right, or reverse direction.

So, at the start of the game, you are given the coordinates and
facing-direction of each animal. Each animal moves (or changes
direction) once per second from start of game.

For e.g. at time = 0, all are at their initial coordinates at time
= 1, a frog at 1,2(E) moves to 3,2(E), a snake at 5,5(N) moves to
5,6(N), a worm at 0,9N moves to 0,10N, At at any time pulse, if
predators and preys converge on the same spot, the predators kill the

A predator will kill only one prey. For e.g., if there are two
worms and 3 frogs on a given coordinate, 2 frogs will eat two worms.

Assume the legend:
G1-2E ==> grass hopper at 1,2 facing East.
Sample Program input:
S4-5S, G4-3N, G1-2E, G5-6W, S4-5S, G4-3N, B9-9W, B7-3N, B7-3,W etc.
Program Output is:
At next time pulse, S4,5S will be at S4,4S and G4,3N will be at G4,4N
and therefore G gets eaten.

The game basically plots what happens to all these animals as time
passes by. If one were to plot this on a canvas, as time passes one
could see all animals moving around randomly and getting eaten by

Your task is to write a program to simulate the above.The program
should essentially give out locations and directions of each animal
every second.*