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 Changes Czech localized-chars to numbers
-Automatically turns +ěščřžýáíé into 1234567890
+Automatically converts +ěščřžýáíé into 1234567890
-Licence: BSD-like
+Licence: BSD-like 
 Author: Jiri Knesl <jiri@sprintmasters.cz> (http://www.knesl.com)
 Example in jQuery:
 	var escr = new ESCR();
-		val = $(this).val;
-		val( escr.rewrite( val() ) );
+		var val = $(this).val();
+		$(this).val(escr.rewrite(val));
+Example in node.js:
+ESCR = require "lib/escr"
+var ESCR = new ESCR();
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