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Google Voice C# API

This is a very basic unofficial C# API for Google Voice we wrote here at Jitbit Software.

It's just one C# file you can add to your project and start using the API.


SMS Only

Currently this API allows sending SMS messages only. But I plan adding more fatures in the future since the hardest part was to figure out the authentication-module. Feel free to fork and send me a pull request.


SharpGoogleVoice gv = new SharpGoogleVoice("", "password");
gv.SendSMS("+1xxxxxxxxxx", "test message");

Why another Google Voice API

I decided to create my own Google Voice wrapper after I found that none of the existing C# wrappers work. I even tried porting the existing PHP, Python and Java versions - but they are also outdated and do not work with the current Google Voice app.

I'll do my best to keep this one alive since it's being used in actual commercial applications.

Known issues

Issue 1

This is a known issue and likely to stay this way... It does not work with 2-step authentication.

Since Google stopped supporting "ClientLogin" authentication tokens for Google Voice (which is ridiculous), we have to authenticate using Google's regular login form. This form does not work with "application specific passwords". You have to use a regular Google-account password.

Issue 2

If the code works on your local machine but stops working after moving to a production server - login to your server, open IE, login to google voice, close IE. Google somehow "remembers" your IP-address after this procedure and allows accessing the API.


MIT-License. AKA "Do whatever you want just don't touch our copyright notice."