VS Unused Images Finder

This Visual Studio Extension searches for unused images in your web project (and optionally removes them)



Download it from the "downloads" section.

OR - get it here http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/fb7a9b9c-08e1-4bb4-91b4-8e512feb5a1b

OR - find it in the VS extensions gallery right within visual studio. Just type "unused image" into the search box.


Right-click your project in solution explorer and choose "Find unused images"

First, it scans a project for image files, then it searches for references in .aspx/.ashx/.cs/.css/.js files.


This is the early version. It works. But might have some UI-bugs...


Tip: Filter by directory path e.g. /media app.js to search for public/media/app.js.
Tip: Use camelCasing e.g. ProjME to search for ProjectModifiedEvent.java.
Tip: Filter by extension type e.g. /repo .js to search for all .js files in the /repo directory.
Tip: Separate your search with spaces e.g. /ssh pom.xml to search for src/ssh/pom.xml.
Tip: Use ↑ and ↓ arrow keys to navigate and return to view the file.
Tip: You can also navigate files with Ctrl+j (next) and Ctrl+k (previous) and view the file with Ctrl+o.
Tip: You can also navigate files with Alt+j (next) and Alt+k (previous) and view the file with Alt+o.