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Add tooltip & update man page about the $PACKAGES for AUR command line

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File gui.c

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 action_upgrade (NotifyNotification *notification, const char *action, gchar *_cmdline)
+    /* we need to strdup cmdline because it will be free-d when notification
+     * is destroyed, which won't happen until this function is done, however it
+     * could happen before the other thread (run_cmdline) starts ! */
     char *cmdline = (_cmdline) ? strdup (_cmdline) : NULL;
     notify_notification_close (notification, NULL);

File kalu.pod

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 The command line to start when pressing the button "Update AUR packages" from the
+You can use B<$PACKAGES> in the command line, which will be replaced by the
+list of all packages for which an upgrade is available in the AUR.
 =item I<Do not check the AUR for the following packages>
 By default kalu determines the list of all foreign packages (i.e. not found

File preferences.c

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     gtk_widget_show (label);
     aur_cmdline_entry = gtk_entry_new ();
+    gtk_widget_set_tooltip_markup (aur_cmdline_entry,
+        "You can use <b>$PACKAGES</b> to be replaced by the list of AUR packages "
+        "with upgrades available");
     if (config->cmdline_aur != NULL)
         gtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (aur_cmdline_entry), config->cmdline_aur);