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kalu-dbus: log messages longer than 1023 characters would be truncated, fixed

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     if (level & ALPM_LOG_DEBUG || level & ALPM_LOG_FUNCTION)
-    gchar buf[1024];
-    if (vsnprintf (buf, 1024, fmt, args) >= 1024)
-    {
-        buf[1023] = '\0';
-    }
-    emit_signal ("Log", "is", (gint) level, buf);
+    gchar *s = g_strdup_vprintf (fmt, args);
+    emit_signal ("Log", "is", (gint) level, s);
+    g_free (s);
 /* callback to handle questions from libalpm */
     int ret;
     /* init alpm */
-    handle = alpm_initialize(rootdir, dbpath, &err);
+    handle = alpm_initialize (rootdir, dbpath, &err);
     if (!handle)
         method_failed ("InitAlpm", "Failed to initialize alpm library: %s\n",
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