jjacky committed 45a23d5

System upgrade on sgl/dbl click when no button "Upgrade system" is enabled results in nothing being done

Plus, showing Preferences without "Upgrade system" button enabled didn't have PostSysUpgrade list disabled, fixed

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 kalu_sysupgrade (void)
     /* in case e.g. the menu was shown (sensitive) before an auto-check started */
-    if (kalpm_state.is_busy)
+    if (kalpm_state.is_busy || config->action == UPGRADE_NO_ACTION)
               "Edit selected command-line",
               "Remove selected command-line",
+    gtk_widget_set_sensitive (cmdline_post_hbox, config->action != UPGRADE_NO_ACTION);
     /* doing this now otherwise it's triggered with non-yet-existing widgets to hide/show */
     g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (upg_action_combo), "changed",